Matilde Beldroega® is a brand created and designed by Rita Pinheiro   

After finishing my degree in Fine Arts I decided to commit myself to the develop of my on personal project, coinciding with a period in which I, my husband and my cat Matilde, were living in the countryside, in Alentejo- Portugal, where time has another dimension born Matilde Beldroega. 

As for the name: I added the name of my cat MATILDE with an edible plant, BELDROEGA (purslane in English), which I love especially in soup.

My grandmother, from my father side, made me dolls with fabric scraps, my favorite ones because they were large, very malleable and colorful – the mix of different fabrics gave them a fantastic coloring. These memories were important enough to make me want to produce fabric dolls on my own and have the courage to show them to others.

What inspires me: my daughter, of course, nature and some little things from everyday life. I am drawn to textures, raw materials, colors... 

Matilde Beldroega items are often one-of-a-kind, always handmade one by one with great care and attention to detail. 
Materials are carefully selected: 100% cotton fabrics, linen, wool fabrics, velvet wools, wool, among others and stuffed with anti-alergic and very soft materials

Be welcome!